“We seek to promote equity of access to architecture. Like healthcare and legal representation, sustainable, resilient, healthy and beautiful living environment is not a luxury but a pragmatic necessity and a human right.”

How to request assistance

As the 2019 bushfires claimed first homes, architecture and design practices begun responding with offers of assistance to those who lost everything and did not have sufficient means to start rebuilding their lives and livelihoods. However, with the growing scale of the disaster, it soon became obvious that the resources of individual firms will not be sufficient to assist all those requiring help.

Architects Assist was established by Jiri Lev on 4 January 2020 as an initiative of the Australian Institute of Architects. In late February 2020, AA begun to integrate professionals from related fields in the built environment industry.

By July that year AA represented a coordinated effort of over 600 firms from across Australia, dedicating their resources to pro bono work, as well as 1500 architecture students and graduates awaiting an opportunity to assist recovery efforts.

AA acts as a referral service and does not itself provide architectural services. Our operations are continuously evolving as we are gaining better understanding of our clients’ needs.

Besides the Australian Institute of Architects’ kind contribution towards our website development, AA does not receive nor accept any sponsorship, gifts or funding.


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